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I am constantly looking for ways to improve the state of orgaizations - to use their digital assets wisely, to figure out what should be done "next", to slay over engineered dragons of methodology. I have been through, Waterfall,, Sructured Programming, Information Engineering, Togaf, Zachman, Agile, Scaled Agile and others approaches and methods too numerous to mention. None have come close to improving organizational dynamics and delievery. They all start with great intentions, and then "management" gets its mucky paws on the methods and demands more and more status reporting. So the ratio of people doing the work to the people watching others work goes in the wrong direction. It's a bit like looking at a building site, where there is one bricklayer, 2 foreman, 1 health and safety worker, 2 city council members (getting ready to take credit and apportion blame as necessary). So I am really invested in looking for ways to help figure out what should be done, and then getting out of the way of the doers.


Christopher Bird

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