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The Unlikely History of Adaptive Change Design

Think global, act local - well actually, just think simple!

It was a pleasant sunny day in mid-spring when I approached the offices of MRI Ltd. I was in a place called Hampton Wick, a pretty Thames-side suburb of London. What a great place to work I mused, as I strolled past blossoming trees. Church bells pealed in the distance. At one with the world, I approached a small office building tucked between Edwardian houses.

The tranquil setting felt like an antidote to my stress of the previous two months. My last job had ended messily when I realised my boss had been embezzling cash from the mother company in France. I pushed all that from my mind as I took a seat in reception and waited for Mick, my new boss, to collect me. On the wall opposite me was a map of the world with the letters D, H, & L in deep maroon, emblazoned across the bottom. For a moment I wondered why the map was in such a prominent position in MRI’s reception. My reverie was broken by a Tigger-like character bouncing toward me. He took my hand and shook it warmly as if meeting an old friend. This was Charlie.

“You must be the new chap starting today?”

I confirmed that I was and that I was waiting for Mick who was to be my new boss.

“Oops…, you’ll wait a while! He’s in Brussels today” Charlie replied, and added “I’ll show you to your desk and get you set up.”