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Story-led VIPER Workshop

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

A quick update on a VIPER Workshop using Miro, with emphasis on story:

  1. What type of story will guide the session? Identify key storyteller(s) before the workshop..

  2. Decide on the focus questions before the workshop. Usually between 1-4.

  3. Let the story unfold in stages - pause to capture VIPER column info - continue with the story and repeat until the end of the story.

  4. Walk through the sticky notes and look for PITHIER statements.Test responses to Focus Questions (2).

  5. Refine raw captured data after the workshop. Play back to attendees and feed relevant activities/work streams.


Sometimes VIPER/VPEC-T is seen as a categorisation framework (e.g. like SWOT). That's not its purpose, it's a sense-making tool for driving-out the essence of a story, similar to a PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environment) filter. In fact, there is little emphasis on whether it item, is for example, a 'Value' or a 'Policy', the main aim is to capture the thought, regardless of category. That can be dealt with in post workshop follow-up.