Business Service Facts - Vital Change Insights


The primary purpose of the Business Services Specification is to document the parts or the entirety of a value stream. Business Services Specifications (BSS) is a collective term. It covers; the target business service, the information exchanged with that service and any components that make up the service.

BSS artefacts are:

  • technology-neutral

  • customer-facing, internal, and supplier-facing

  • compliant with the Minimum Viable Documentation principle

  • can be integrated with existing practices.


The benefits of BSS are:

  • Written in plain language and therefore universally accessible

  • Quick to produce and update

  • Focus on why and what without dictating how it is delivered.

  • Designed to be shared in complex business enterprises such as supply chains.

  • Document important service requirements early. Such as Response to Failure, SLA, and Service Completion Criteria.

  • Improved visibility and performance management

  • Support a Service-Oriented IT environment such as Microservices or largescale Cloud Services. However, the service focus of BSS works equally well with Monolithic applications and process-oriented Operational Technology (OT) situations such as SCADA systems.

  • Improves alignment with the needs of the customer and the objectives of the services

  • Improves CAPEX/OPEX blend and cost management and procurement options

  • Applies to current and future services.

  • Provides the basis for Service Operations Procedures

  • Increases the opportunity for service innovation, agility, and future-proofing when used with the ACD Cycle, VIPER, Metro Maps, and Transition State Planning. This motivates service delivery teams. An example is a VIPER workshop focused on defining new services.


A business service is an abstract representation of a part of a value-steam. It always consumes and usually produces information and data. The diagram below describes how it's associated with Information Exchange Objects and Business Service Components.

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Business Services Components Relationship

The focus is on Information Systems and Operational Systems rather than technology (IT or OT). Hence, when the Information Exchange Objects refer to any format of information; data, emails, conversations, phone calls post-it notes etc.

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Services and Service Components Example

A BSS fact sheet uses a template to document a business service. A BSS can be applied to many aspects of the enterprise. It provides a common language for describing the aspects of both business behaviour (i.e..operation and informal behaviour) and information systems service provision.