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First steps the change journey.

VIPER: Welcome


If you're unfamiliar with VIPER or VPEC-T (its older brother) workshops then you might find this helpful. 

Bellow is Beta version  a remote Interactive version workshop using Padlet (popular with Teachers)

This is a prototype of an interactive online workshop in preparation for a 25-30 seat session in October this year. Please feel free to interact with it. We're using the Padlet collaboration tool.

For the best experience go to Full-Screen mode

by clicking the arrow in a box icon at the top right-hand side

or click on the button at the end of 'Need help?'



We're using the Padlet tool as a  a way of creating a virtual wall on which we post sticky notes.


The five coloured columns (VIPER headings) the where we make a statement of impact, risk etc.


The first column has the focus questions for the workshop. Last two are Tips and Other notes arising (Parking Lot).

I'm looking for your comments against notes under the five VIPER columns, star ratings of relative importance and new notes if something is completely missing. There is no right or wrong - rather it's the 1st scan of the problem space - A Digtital Transformation Example.


If you sign-in to Padelt I can see which bits you added, else you'll come up as anonymous.Your choice.

More about the technique being used here.


An Ethnography lens on design is very similar to the way we run VIPER sessions. And VIPER is a useful tool for semi-structuring the interviews described in this video from Patricia Swenton-Wall Research Ethnographer Xerox Corporation.

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