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What's the difference between VIPER and VPEC-T?

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The meaning of these acronyms is very similar, however, after numerous sessions with business clients, we found ’Information’ was more meaningful and ‘Reliance’ felt less challenging than ‘Trust’.


The two acronyms are interchangeable depending on the audience. However, I usually start with VIPER as the default.


VIPER is more memorable and therefore more easily adopted.

Handman Tools

Is Adaptive Change Design a Methodology?

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No. It's a set of tools. Think of it as a handyman toolkit: a hammer, some screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a few spanners, a saw and the like. Each tool is best at a particular job and is usually used along with a few others, Rarely if ever to you use all the tools on a job.

If you're like me, a have a favourite screwdriver that gets used for all sorts of things other than driving screws. I find VIPER is that tool in the ACD toolset.

Business Meeting

Which industry sectors have used Adaptive Change Design tools and what types of change projects?

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▶︎ Advertising & Marketing Bureau - Campaign Design.

▶︎ Entertainment and Gambling - Digital Transformation.

▶︎ Energy - SMART grid planning and deployment.

▶︎ Domestic Parcel Delivery - Post-M&A - multi-speed IT.

▶︎ Sea Ports Operations - New Ports-Centric Logistics services.

▶︎ International Air Express -  Locally extensible global standardisation.

▶︎ IoT startup - product & services architecture.

▶︎ Government - Criminal Justice cross-agency collaboration.

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