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Infographics Are More Useful Than Wiring Diagrams

The use of Infographics for communicating complex topics, specifically the use of metro map style (based on metro rail maps used globally). The benefits of a metro map representation are:


  • Broad inclusivity - any city dweller over the age of nine has already learnt to read a metro map.
  • Simplify the complex - the scope of a business transformation can be daunting. Be able to represent that scope on one page (albeit poster size) is a great aid to discussion and decision-making.
  • The map is readily adopted by others who will overlay the perspectives they wish to emphasise (e.g. risk hot spots, priority items, relative costs, training needs etc.).


The use of creative graphics will get the audience attention and engage visually.

Metro Maps are a Great Way to Convey Complex Scope of Change

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