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The Just-Enough Principle Keeps Things Nimble

The Just-Enough principle (architecture, governance & intervention)


For many a year, systems architects of various specialisms have been accused of creating complex models and all sorts of other artefacts that no one else uses or understands. Following 'Best Practice' they also call for numerous architectural reviews which slow progress and test the patience of the Change Leader. A 'Just-Enough' approach to architecture, governance, and intervention:


  • Minimum Viable Architecture (MVA)
  • Minimum Viable Governance (MVG)
  • Minimum Viable Intervention (MVI).


The 'minimum viable' changes at over the stages, and the stage deliverable characteristics. This sometimes described as 'Next Practice' Architecting. It requires a different mindset; a mindset where adaptability, speed and inclusivity are awarded the highest priority. The Adaptive Change Design tools are all selected with agility, adoption and adaption in mind, From experience, they meet the MVA, MVG and MVI criteria.

Principle Led, Light Weight Frameworks For Responsive Governance

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