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Event Architecture & Design

Situational Awareness Is A Critical Component Of Business Strategy

Business Event (message) Design. Event-Driven Architectures (EDA) are very much in vogue, driven by the Internet of Things, Big Data and Event-Sourced Microservices.


Events (Event Objects) need to satisfy several generic requirements which require consistent meaning within the Enterprise (or extended enterprise such that they can be: classified, searched, filtered, aggregated etc.


A clear and consistent definition of business events is required to take advantage of digital opportunities. How event messages captured and processed underpin digital design patterns of today. This is particularly important if the business goal is 'Situational Awareness':


"Situation (or situational) awareness means knowing what is going on so that you can decide what to do. The term originated in military applications to describe the goals of advanced command and control systems, but it is relevant in many business scenarios as well. Companies seek to cut the fog of commerce just as generals seek to cut the fog of war. Almost every company has operational activities that run continuously and must respond quickly to changing conditions". -

K. Mani Chandy and W Roy Schulte.

Business-Events Are The Currency Within and Beyond The Enterprise

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