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Slicing-Up Into Do-able Work Packages - Both Tech and Non-Tech Aspects

Chunking aka partitioning. This is a technique for identifying units of work by examining the boundaries of a system. If you want to understand the big- picture, then you would chunk-up. The opposite is true when chunking-down into detail.


This approach to partitioning deliverables is based on a few fundamentals:


  1. Simplify as much as is possible, but don't try to simplify the necessary complexities of the business need.
  2. Understand the abilities of the people expected to execute and receive the change and determine if Conway's Law applies.
  3. Accept that the world is "complex adaptive" in nature and that emergence will *always* impact the change plan.
  4. Ensure all involved have a common understanding of the business & technical scope & outcomes, opportunities, risks and transition-states (the Waypoints that are used to measure the progress towards an agreed 'End State').


Both IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) mindsets are required.


Both IQ and EQ Mindsets Are Required - People, Process & Technology Impacts

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