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Simple Spreadsheets Underpin Change Governance

Checklists are a series of steps to go through that test compliance with change principles and run through identified risks. In aviation, checklists are an essential part of Crew Resource Management, (aka Cockpit Resource Management). They have been proven to improve teamwork and reduce errors both by airline pilots and surgeons.


Checklists and catalogues of components of change might appear to be a low-value exercise. However, if a few simple rules are followed, along with basic project management discipline, such lists will become especially useful sources for guidance, decision-making and inclusivity, across the whole change journey.


Examples of subjects for checklists:

  • Cyber Security & Data Privacy Compliance
  • Design/Build Principles Compliance
  • Data Standards Compliance
  • Integration Principles Compliance


Examples of subjects for catalogues:

  • Principles
  • Risks
  • Fiscal Guidelines
  • Hypotheses
  • Message Types.


Catalogues & Checklists are usually captured in spreadsheet format. A Business Analyst or Architect is assigned stewardship, but the whole team own them.


"Experts need checklists–literally–written guides that walk them through the key steps in any complex procedure. In the last section of the book, Gawande shows how his research team has taken this idea, developed a safe surgery checklist, and applied it around the world, with staggering success". - Malcom Gladwell on The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande.

Pilots & Surgeons Use Checklists To Avoid Mistakes and Improve Teamwork

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